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Test Planning and Management with Azure Test Plans

It is designed to test the implementations of [MS-ADOD] protocol. ADFSPIP Client Test Suite. It is designed to test the implementations of ADFS Proxy and Web Application Proxy integration, as described in [MS-ADFSPIP]. It is designed to test the implementations of [MS-AZOD] protocol. Branch Cache Test Suite. It is designed to test the implementations of [MS-PCCRTP], [MS-PCCRR], [MS-PCHC] and [MS-PCCRC] protocol.

It is designed to test server implementations of Kerberos protocols including [MS-KILE], [MS-KKDCP] and [MS-PAC]. While the above adds test cases directly to the test plan, you may want to group your test cases into logical groups. That can be done by creating a test suite, or multiple test suites, for your test plan.

microsoft test suite

Select the suite of tests for the story As a customer, I would like to store my credit card details securely. This suite of tests focuses on that work item, which happens to be a feature. Note that the work item numbers will vary every time you generate demo data for a lab. But this documentation is not enough.

Expand the dropdown next to the test plan and select New static suite. A static suite of test cases is a suite where the cases have been manually assigned. You can also create suites based on common requirements (requirement-based suite) or a query of test cases and/or work items (query-based suite). Another option to create suites is via work item query.

Task 2: Managing Tests

The final is to record the screen as a video. Click the Capture screenshot button to take a screenshot. The first step in the test is to open the project site. To do this, switch to the Swift vs Objective-C: What is Best for Building an iOS Chat App Visual Studio instance that has the Parts Unlimited solution loaded. From the IIS Express target dropdown, select Browse With…. Enter a few test cases and click the Save All button.

microsoft test suite

Based on the feedback, with Team Foundation Server 2013 Update 3, we are adding the functionality to add custom fields and workflows to Test Plans and Test Suites. In MTM2010, the default state for a test suite in a test plan is still In planning. So, when you review any Test Runs that you have completed, you can identify what your tester was experiencing when they marked an individual test step as blocked or failed.

Windows Protocol Test Suites

From the Tests tab, select New | New test case to create a new test case. While you can create test cases one at a time, it’s sometimes easier to use a grid layout to quickly add many test cases. In the test 5 Brilliant Benefits of Freelance Life cases panel, select New | New test case using grid. Notice that each test case has been duplicated with an additional configuration for iPhone X. Now each environment can be tested and tracked separately.

microsoft test suite

The links shown above help you step through to the full details of a given outcome. Test Runs is where you find the attached screenshots, recordings, videos, and/or comments added by your testers. They aren’t available in the “Run summary” tab. By testing and commenting on how the application or product you are testing works, you allow your team to provide meaningful contributions to fix the issues you spotted.

In this talk, we’ll cover the latest updates of the Microsoft Protocol Test Suites for File Services. Microsoft Protocol Test Suites are a group of tools that were originally developed for in-house testing of the Microsoft Open Specifications. Microsoft Protocol Test Suites have been used extensively during Plugfests and Interoperability Labs to test against partner implementations. Kerberos Server Test Suite.

Sometimes a set of test cases should be run in a specific order to maximize efficiency. Click Order tests to specify the order these test cases should be run. Take File Server test suite as an example, you can learn how to configure and run test suite by Protocol Test Manager referring to this tutorial. This is required only when user want to use PowerShell implementation on Windows Server 2012R2 for ISutCommonControlAdapter in CommonTestSuite.ptfconfig.

Configure and run test suite by Protocol Test Manager

You can change what is shown by clicking the Unfiltered button on the toolbar and changing the work item query used to populate the table. I Figma Templates, UI Kits must to say in MTM2010, the default state for a test suite in a test plan is In planning. It’s hard to judge a specific period of a product.

  • Azure DevOps will help you create a document for your Test Plan that will include all the links to the necessary places inside your project.
  • Notice that each test case has been duplicated with an additional configuration for iPhone X.
  • However, each test suite provides users with a useful indication of interoperability.
  • Click Add configuration variable.
  • Expand the dropdown next to the newly created suite and select New requirement-based suite.

They pull in all of the Test Cases for a given Requirement. If necessary, you can revisit these steps later on to update them for new requirements. Right-click the test case created earlier and select Run with options to begin a manual test run. In this task, you will learn how to run the manual test plan that we created earlier. Note that the process for triggering an automated test run follows a similar workflow. You can learn more about that in the documentation.

Remember that you can easily share test cases across suites, so there’s minimal redundancy when having a lot of overlapping suites. Click the dropdown next to the test suite we’ve been working with so far and select Assign configurations to test suite. Click Add configuration variable twice and set the Browser to Safari and Operating System to iOS 12. Now we have everything we need to add the iPhone X. Click the Add dropdown and select New test configuration. This dialog provides all the info you need on this test case.

Task 5: Creating Shared Steps

The Title will be the eventual title of the test case. Step Action will be the first step of the test. If that step has an expected result, you can specify it as Step Expected Result. Set the name of the new suite to “Shipping tests”. These tests will all focus on functionality related to shipping.

Using test plans, you can Azure Test Plans also provides a browser extension for exploratory testing and gathering feedback from stakeholders. Select steps 2-4 (use Shift+Click) and click the Create shared steps button. Now let’s suppose the test team has acquired an iPhone X and wants to add it into the test matrix. It’s really easy to register this environment as a new configuration so that test cases can specify it. However, before adding it, we’ll need an Operating System option for iOS 10. Click the Operating System configuration variable.

This level of insight means that even an external manual testing team can contribute thoughtfully and allow teams to identify and interpret failed results easily. You could customize the query used to specify which requirements are retrieved, but just leave the defaults and click Run query. Locate and select the three product backlog items related to shipping. Click Create suites to create a test suite for each. Expand the dropdown next to the newly created suite and select New requirement-based suite.

Many users like to create the common version of a Test Plan document that contains all the context surrounding a given Test Plan. If you need to build a document that outlines the scope, risks, purpose, strategy, etc., you might want to use Microsoft Word. When creating a Requirements-based Suite, you will pull in Test Cases that already exist for the given requirements. Otherwise, you will have to add new Test Cases to a requirement before adding it to a Requirements-based Test Suite. Requirements-based test suites are the simplest and most traceable.

A Test Suite evaluates whether a protocol or protocol family implementation meets certain interoperability requirements. Test Suites do not cover every protocol requirement and in no way certify an implementation, even if all tests pass. However, each test suite provides users with a useful indication of interoperability. To create a test suite in this fashion, right-click on the test plan and select New Query-Based Suite.

This will open a work item query window, where you can create a query to return test case work items. Click the Run button to run the query, select the test cases that you want to add to the plan, and click the Add test cases button to add them to the plan. In the previous column, we looked at how you create a test plan, and modify its run and configuration settings. The next step in creating your test plan is to add test cases and test suites to the plan, to give your testers something to test with. In the MTM Testing Center, create test suites and add test cases.

Digital Platform Engineering and Development Services Company

A contextually bounded nature of value is highly relevant for the study of digital platforms given the reprogrammable nature of digital technology coupled with a necessity to serve several different stake-holders and applications. This paper applies servitization as a theoretical framework for illustrating the subjective and transitory value propositions that influence platform development. Based on a case study of a firm that has transitioned from product supplier to provider of a platform for digital services, it is evident that value propositions are ambivalent, yet vital components in the evolution of platforms. Furthermore, we may discern that platform providers are faced with value propositions that are multidirectional, multidimensional, and offered from a variety of sources. Developing a digital product depends on many factors, for example, product complexity, engineering team involved, budget, technology, and third-party integrations.

digital platform development services

Solutions focus on providing meaningful and relevant user experiences for online and offline products and events. Leverage our digital platform specialists’ cybersecurity expertise to mitigate risks. Evolve from a rigid legacy core system to an agile, modular ecosystem of connected layers powered by cloud architecture, microservices, and internal + external APIs. And once there’s a new tool, service, etc., we always check whether it follows all the compliance and regulatory processes. We keep a sharp eye on all the compliance regulations and constantly update our list of tools accordingly.

Integra’s strong engineering DNA can help you develop bespoke, highly secure and scalable products and platforms that use next-gen technologies for accelerated time-to-market and greater value. Accelerate time to market with Integra’s product engineering expertise and advanced software development practices. Accenture acquired Imaginea, a cloud native product and platform engineering firm that helps clients innovate through disruptive technologies. We hire brilliant web and mobile app developers to deliver projects on time and maintain the top-notch code standards. We are a web & app development company that turns your ideas into a new driving force of your business.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide

Some of the most notable open-source platforms are Git, Atom, GitHub, Apache NetBeans, and Cordova, and many other platforms that are available online. This type of software allows more flexibility and customization to develop solutions that suit specific individual or organizational needs. With that in mind, let’s have a closer look at what open source platform development is.

We also needed some help ensuring that our site logic was correct for a variety of things like add-on products, variants. The site needed to be responsive for mobile and flexible in a variety of ways. They’re also extremely focused on making sure results achieve your standards.

  • We use Clean Architecture approach to build reliable and extendable applications that solve business needs and that users fall in love with.
  • We offer the convenience and security of working with a professional U.S. company while also providing the benefits of affordable near-shore development.
  • A contextually bounded nature of value is highly relevant for the study of digital platforms given the reprogrammable nature of digital technology coupled with a necessity to serve several different stake-holders and applications.
  • The automation focused not on automating test cases, but automating the actions.

Please, contact our reps if you want to get an estimate for the development platform as a service or other type of software. By using an open-source digital platform, you can save on development costs — all you need to pay for setup and implementation. Enable efficient data exchanges and communication between all digital platform services. “DigitalSuits supported us with a web development project which required a full-scale architecture build.” MongoDB and NoSQL DB are popular open-source databases that integrate with NodeJS and ROR. They enable fast and simple application development, both MVP and PoC.

Ruby on Rails is a framework that provides default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages. It allows us to proceed with the quick development of API for a web application at all levels for MVP and PoC. It enables the development of responsive UI and single-page applications. It provides custom features, checkout page management, and high-level support. This is the right choice for big e-com websites with over 10,000 transactions per minute. Easy to use, feature-rich system providing tools to enable users effective project management.

Introduction to Cloud Native Network Functions A cloud-native network function is a service that executes network functions in software rather than dedicated hardware. A testing type of software testing that reveals vulnerabilities, pitfalls, and pitfalls in a software operation prevents vicious attacks from interfering. Introduction to Open Telemetry Open Telemetry is an open-source project hosted by CNCF that provides a standard way to generate telemetry data.

Our clients

Our clients trust us to deliver robust deliverables tailored for success!. With us, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible service and value for your money. Our specialists helped business reach interoperability by implementing the HL7 FHIR data exchange standard.

digital platform development services

Platform solutions thrive thanks to advanced data analytics running atop secure data management platforms. Intellias big data engineers can help you make better sense of the data you own, the data you need to procure from siloed systems, and the operational insights trapped within. We provide a smooth and juicy experience with gamification, user-centered design, and we create a community around your product. We use Clean Architecture approach to build reliable and extendable applications that solve business needs and that users fall in love with. Following Google design and UX guidelines we build the apps that are subsequently featured on Google Play.

HP’s critical business requirements were translated into test requirements and test cases designed using the Action Based Testing™ method. Landmark Graphics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Halliburton and is the premier provider of software and technology services for the upstream oil and gas industry. Their software solutions help geoscientists and engineers make highly complex technical and business decisions. Ongoing support is provided through continuous quality assurance, user acceptance testing, end-user reviews or focus groups, and test report generation.

Platform orchestration & DevOps expertise

The team lead, in particular, always maintained a positive attitude and showcased utmost professionalism at all times. We had a lot of last-minute changes before the launch of the website and they completely supported us, never complained, never pushed back. ElasticSearch is an open-source search and analytics engine for all types of data. A common example of its use is search implementation on booking systems or among a big number of users.

digital platform development services

Our solutions tap into the entire Cloud Continuum and are powered by AI, data and security—for a resilient foundation today and well into the future. LDT Technology is your one stop solution for all your digital marketing needs from organic to paid marketing, social to mobile, email to chatbots, and more. Open source projects are becoming increasingly popular due to their advantages and benefits. All you have to do is pick the right platform that supports the open-source software you want to work on, and you are good to go. When having your business the quality of your product is your top priority. That is one of the reasons you should choose an open-source platform when creating your product.

eCommerce Software Development Company with 7+ Years of Experience

We decided to go with DWS as they are development specialists…although we worked with a small group of consultants, we had access to the expertise of the whole DWS team. Moving Off JD EdwardsMoving Off JD Edwards – If you have decided to move off the JD Edwards platform, DWS offer auditing and analysis services to help guide and inform your evaluation and implementation of a new ERP. A more comprehensive piece of business software with complex features could cost much more. Some of the most expensive software programs can have 7-figure price tags, but these are outliers.

Since its inception, Agile methodology has gained worldwide recognition and acceptance, and it is especially effective for developing complex software applications. Our developers will help you retain your critical apps and deliver new ones faster with cloud-native platform software development services. We apply a wide range of techniques including microservices, PaaS, and CI/CD to iterate and integrate faster and to fulfill the individual needs of your business in a timely manner.

digital platform development services

Our digital products will continue to serve you and your users well for many years to come, and the robust software platforms we use also ensure ongoing support your team can depend on well into the future. We provide digital platform development services to companies of medium and large scale in versatile industries and have aggregated profound business-specific expertise. Thanks to our experience, we can share best practices and offer digital platform consulting services to help you digitalize your business by creating a roadmap and delivering a fully functioning solution to life. From Fortune 500 companies to pioneering market entrants, Intellias provides PaaS consulting and digital platform development services to companies at different stages of their market and digital journeys. We know how to approach problems from unexpected angles and translate them into custom solutions for our clients. By collaborating with us, you will be able to automate your daily operations and functions and reduce manually-based processes.

We leverage a shift left approach in tandem with AI-enabled test automation to deliver high quality software products faster. An experienced digital product development company can guide you toward the best technology for your project. These software development platforms are widely used and easy for most developers to work with. Some of the applications we’ve developed have been designed for internal use. These applications leverage our robust digital product development services to improve employee morale and productivity, boost engagement, and help staff members feel like they matter within their organizations.

Part of the client’s overall digital transformation – enabling digital banking services to be offered to their customers on both Web and Mobile platforms. The first project kicked off with a small team of three testers in Vietnam and a part-time project manager based in California. The objective was to increase coverage through automation while, at the same time, freeing up Landmark’s reservoir engineers so that they could perform more exploratory testing. The initial smoke test automation pilot project targeted the top six integrated workflows used for Nexus software training.

Platform for transportation and smart cities A German provider of transportation solutions required to cut maintenance costs and optimize customer service by establishing cloud infrastructure for their legacy monolith apps. We developed a new platform from scratch and started the migration of the first two solutions for truck route optimization and smart city planning. We continue to maintain a scalable platform infrastructure for the future development of microservices applications, empowering the client to move to the efficient SaaS business model. Digital product development company makes product development faster and more effective. By cooperating with us, you gain access to all competencies and tech stack procedures in a time- and cost-effective way. We can help your business to scale up, give access to technology and resources, and find the right technical solutions for digitalization of your processes.

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Equip with the required tools to develop intelligent business solutions using machine learning techniques with minimum technical knowledge and maximum explainability of the process. Azure Pipeline is a cloud service that allows us to build and test code automatically. The Azure pipeline has many functionalities, such as continuous integration and delivery, that allow testing and… Achieve flexibility and scalability with innovative implementation and development services. AI-based video surveillance services for ensuring personalized performance insights, gaining real-time intelligence into analytics and engagement. Our portfolio of completed projects spans across different niches and countries and showcases that we genuinely love what we’re doing.

We design, invent, develop, share your burden on your path to leadership. We understand the development of digital platforms, websites, applications, portals, products, and more that complement your enterprise. With our platform engineering expertise and your product vision, we can create a thriving ecosystem of integrated solutions and service providers so you can tap into economies of scale without being anchored by production costs. We apply user research and a product-development expertise to build products that matter. With us you’ll achieve your business goals and create apps that people love.

The right digital product development company can expand your visibility, and grow your brand internationally. Leveraging rapid application engineering and integrated disruptive technologies, we have worked extensively with enterprise ISVs and product companies to help them create rich, market-ready offerings that are primed to add value. Our domain expertise spans Publishing, EdTech, Media and Communication, and Retail.

A new data platform/warehouse was required to replace an existing legacy solution. We completed an initial discovery and definition project which then led to the architecture specification for the project. LeapFrog Enterprises produces award-winning educational toys, interactive books, and hand-held electronic games. For nearly a decade LeapFrog employed a team of approximately 35 quality assurance engineers and 75 seasonal contractors to test their devices and software. Most testing was performed onshore and proved to be a costly operational challenge. It quickly became apparent to LeapFrog that in-house software testing had become an inefficient practice so the company began outsourcing QA to multiple vendors from around the world.

10 Key Differences Between Ios And Android

•Social media updates on the iOS platform are easier and quicker because of the fact integration with Facebook and Twitter is deeper as compared to the Android platform. You can either use the Google Play Store on your device or the official Google Play Store website. Sign in with your Google account, search for the app you want to download, hit “INSTALL” and it will be ready for use in just a few seconds. Also there is such a wide range of different Android devices that to change the interface you just need to select a different Android device.

•Google also provides Android devices with a wide network of services that iOS device users can only dream of. Usually iOS devices have better battery life as compared to Android devices. But unlike Android devices you cannot replace the battery yourself. With remnants of it’s flagship sitting around after unexpected lack of sales, Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ has dropped in price since it’s initial release in early 2018. The flagship phone can be found sitting at around $400 to $500 if you’re willing to buy from online websites like Ebay. OS developers need hardware partners to create devices that will reach consumers.

Product discoveryDefine the functionality of your future product and get a visual prototype to solicit market feedback. The OnePlus 9 Pro, for example, can charge from zero to 61 percent battery capacity in a mere 15 minutes. Wait for 30 minutes and you’ll have a battery that’s 99 percent full. You won’t have to wait hours on end to for the data transfer to be complete.

Barriers to entry in the mobile space are extremely high, and the switching costs that Android and iOS deploy toward their users make it even harder for buyers to switch platforms. Developers could not be convinced to develop for Windows Phone because of the low user count. It was pushed to the the point where YouTube was just a web browser application cloaked with a logo. Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone OS support has disappeared since the two fell out of the market. You can still pick one up, but you’ll be working with outdated software and limited security updates.

This ensures that there is a wide range of apps for Android device users to choose from but it also means that the device is less secure, more prone to malware and viruses. •You will not be able to install apps that are not on the app store unless the device is jailbroken. This limitation is a hindrance to iOS device users who want to try an app that is not available on the app store.

However, if an iOS device is jailbroken and apps installed from outside Apple’s store, it can be vulnerable to attacks and malware. Both iOS and Android are also vulnerable to bugs e.g. phones crashing when playing a specific video, which is a type of software bug that has affected both iOS and Android devices. While Apple Pay was launched over a year after tap-to-pay features on some Android phones, its integration with fingerprint identification arguably makes Apple Pay easier to use.

Voice Commands On Android Vs Ios

This ensures that the devices remain current a factor that boosts performance. As we have seen in part 1 above, there aren’t very many differences between the two platforms. They may have been vastly different in the past but thanks to competition and other factors, iOS and Android devices have been moving closer together in terms of features and functionality.

Since the release of the iPhone XS, Apple’s budget iPhone XR has also flooded the markets and sold extremely well. The iPhone XR starts at $749, a clear $250 price difference between that and Apple’s flagship XS, without as many corners to cut as you would expect. It doesn’t have such a high resolution screen, and only a single camera lens on the back, but these tradeoffs for a more affordable price seem to be what consumers are looking for these days.

With current standards in place, most Android and iOS devices receive wireless software updates for two major update cycles. That’s an ideal situation for most buyers because of the current timeline that carriers have set for end user upgrade patterns. Additionally, mobile device contracts and payment plans last approximately two years for end users. At that point, most customers will be looking to upgrade or replace their device.

Android vs iOS

IOS on the other side offers the latest features and bug fixes. Android M allowed a new permissions regime where apps could request permissions as needed. However, a majority of Android apps still take the approach of requesting permissions upfront. While it is possible to manage app permissions on Android at a more granular level, this option is buried deep in the settings. Apps like Google Maps, Waze and Bing are available for both iOS and Android. When Google released its maps app for iOS in December 2012, the iOS version surpassed the version available for Android in terms of features, design and ease of use.

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As switching between the two operating systems requires some apps to be bought from Apple App or Google Play Store. Android app store offers 2.7 million apps while iOS has 1.82 million apps in the store. But most popular apps that are commonly used by everyone are available on both platforms. Although Google Play Store has more apps than Apple, iOS has the best games that android lacks. It is an “open” platform; anyone can download the Android source code and Android SDK for free.

  • Its basic features and interface is easily customized as compared to iOS.
  • As we have seen in part 1 above, there aren’t very many differences between the two platforms.
  • Android offers all sorts of widgets that you can put onto your home screen.
  • One of the strong points of Android is level of customization it allows.

Apple products have the premium look and feel so it’s definitely worth it. You can extend your app’s functionality so it runs on Daydream and Cardboard VR headsets, Wear OS devices, Android Auto, and several other platforms. While this flexibility can create design issues, it also grants you the power to integrate your app into users’ cars, TVs, and smartwatches in addition to phones.

Here Is A List Of 10 Major Differences Between Ios And Android To Help You Decide Which Is Better

The following are just some of the similarities between the two. With progress and functionality in mind, Android and iOS are the only feasible operating system platforms available. They’re built to stand the test of time, of course, until we transition from this technology into what the future has in store for us. If a buyer is looking for a product that’s unique, there are plenty of options in the Android space. That’s its main advantage over iOS and the main reason why it owns over 80 percent of the global smartphone market. Counterparts to popular applications on Android and iOS, such as Snapface for Snapchat, were the solution that companies like Microsoft tried to execute.

Android vs iOS

The same design features that you see on a Macbook will be on an iPad or iPhone. The ability of an operating system to exploit its hardware with effective and fluid software is extremely important. Android and iOS do a great job of using hardware features to provide users added functionality when using the devices. Similar to how applications serve to increase a device’s functionality, third party peripherals, such as streaming devices, enable users to enhance their content consumption experience. When it comes to charging android phones have fast charging compared to old iPhone models. But latest iOS devices like iPhone 11 and iPhone X came with fast charging capabilities.

Software Features And Ease Of Use

As it is the more popular smartphone operating system, it is more likely to be the focus of attacks. The bottomline when comparing Google and Apple’s app stores is that most popular apps are available for both platforms. But for tablets, there are more apps designed specifically for the iPad while Android tablet apps are often scaled up versions of Android smartphone apps. Developers at startups often focus on one platform when they first launch their smartphone app because they do not have resources to serve multiple platforms from the get go. For example, Instagram started with iOS and their Android app came much later. A launcher, also known as a home-screen replacement is an app that modifies the software design and features of your android phone OS without making a permanent change.

IOS’s phone app has many abilities, including the ability to reply to a phonecall with a canned text message instead of answering, or to set a callback reminder. Android allows the user to send one of a number of self-composed texts as autoreplies when declining a call.

Android vs iOS

Android devices come in various types, screen sizes, varying price points, models and even features. This means that you can choose a device based on the features you want to have and even a price point that is more affordable to you. Both the Android and iOS platform will allow you to download third-party apps to change the Lock screen. Both of them also have the Lock screen option that allows users to prevent accidental dialing and keep your device inactive when you are not using it. In both iOS and Android Apps generally run in full screen mode which means you can only use one app at a time. Both platforms offer a multi-tasking feature although the other apps will be running in the background.

Mobile Payments

New features that have come out in the past couple years, such as Apple’s FaceID or even Android’s upcoming Google Duplex, will be absent on anything that’s currently on the market. Sold off its fairly recent purchase of Nokia in an effort to repurpose and combat their decline in the smart device market. The majority of Android and iOS have custom accessories built for each and every device that is currently on the market.

However, their limited app selections would be the downfall of their platforms. Buyers will have limited success in trying to replace their current device on a Verizon or Sprint contract with the CDMA radios Android vs iOS app development that aren’t supported by most unlocked phones. Android and iOS are the two largest mobile operating systems on the market, so it makes sense that they will continue to be supported and developed.

You Have More Choices In Android Hardware

Although the review process in 2020 takes longer than it did a few years ago, Google Play still accepts the majority of submitted apps. If you uphold all of the company’s policy guidelines, the store is highly likely to eventually display your application. As much as 50% of all Android devices are currently running outdated versions of Android, resulting in crashes and unexpected bugs in new apps that are otherwise perfectly functional.

Though both iOS and Android have evolved over the years, Android has always had a reputation for being the platform for users who want control over how their smartphone looks. So, if you are the type of user who like to tinker and personalize your devices, an Android smartphone is the way to go. Android users don’t need iTunes; they are given many more choices for music services and purchases in general. More and more services are expanding to Android and not just for music but movies, TV shows, games and many more. Apple is a pioneer of hardware and software design, but iTunes – which is required to transfer music between your iPhone and computer – is a bloated mess. Uninstalling it is a nightmare, to the extent that Apple publishes an extensive guide for how to fully remove iTunes from your PC.