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Who Is Lexi Rivera Relationship: Is She In Relationship With Andrew Davila?

Alexa Brooke Rivera, also referred to as Lexi Rivera, is an American TikTok superstar. She additionally performs gymnastic strikes with her brother, Brent Rivera, on YouTube. Lexi Rivera is the identify of her YouTube channel, which she began earlier than her TikTok channel.

They have recognized one another for years and have many movies together. The couple has split a number of times throughout their relationship, only to find their way back to one another again. Although it was simply hypothesis, the rumour turned out to be true. The two also continually posted one another on social media. In October 2020, they matched their Halloween costumes wearing black angelic outfits. Though there was no scarcity of speculation, neither party has officially confirmed anything.

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Lexi Rivera is claimed to be linked to Andrew Davila, an influencer. Though the rumors have been never confirmed, the two have long been pals and have collaborated on social media movies. Lexi posted a video titled MY EX MEETS MY NEW BOYFRIEND on her YouTube channel, inflicting followers to consider she is dating Andrew.

In the video, Dom also gave Lexi a bouquet of flowers, leading to Lexi pecking Dom on his cheek. Lexi additionally shared several snaps of Andrew, who joined her on trip final summer season. They had been seen having fun with ice cream in France before taking off to Greece to soak within the Mykonos sun. As a former gymnast and a YouTube star, Lexi Rivera captured the public’s hearts with her beauty and constructed physique. She’s also referred to as the youthful sister of one other YouTube star Brent Rivera and is known for her every day vlogs.

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Besides having an Instagram account, he additionally has a YouTube channel with the same title. Since the channel started in August 2014, more than 2.38 million individuals have signed up to watch it. She says they’re merely just pals, so we guess that’s all there is to it! But with these items, we all know it’s something we should positively keep our eyes on. We’ve seen influencers date within their circle plenty of times earlier than.