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Betty Cooper, Archie Andrews’ ‘Riverdale’ Relationship Timeline

With a fog rolling into town, Archie is forced to cancel the previously arranged meeting between him and the gang to discuss staging a coup against the council. Instead, he and Betty spend the night together at his house, where after they have sex, Betty reveals that her period is late. She unfortunately stopped taking her birth control pills when TBK had her in the well. With the lights having gone out due to the fog and not much else to do, Betty tells Archie about her time with TBK and how he forced her to dismember a body in exchange for her freedom.

A Definitive Timeline of Veronica and Archie’s Relationship on ‘Riverdale’

Amid thriving love lives, multiple stars from the show took the next step by starting families. Morgan welcomed son River with Michael Kopech in January 2021, while KJ Apa and girlfriend Clara Berry became parents to son Sasha in September 2021. In the final season, Betty and Archie slowly started to find their way back to each other while in the ’50s. The duo reunited in season 3 when Betty helped break Archie out of prison after he was framed by Hiram Lodge for a murder. As Archie adjusted to life as a high school student again, Betty continued to stay by his side.

Before handing over the rule book, she requests a kiss from Hellcaster and then immediately drinks the remaining, poisoned chalice. By the end of the episode, it’s suggested that Betty and Jughead are back together. Jughead apologizes for his morning breath after Betty arrives with news that she’s going to the library to do some research for deciphering the Black Hood’s secret code. Jughead tells her he started working on it with Toni, leading Betty to suggest they all work together . Betty and Jughead begin to drift apart as he starts attending Southside High. After reviving Southside’s paper, the Red and Black, and befriending fellow student Toni Topaz, Jughead is jumped by the Ghoulies late one night at school.

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In a later scene, Betty gets a call from the Black Hood but lies to Jughead and says it’s her dad, aka BH suspect number one. The call eventually leads to Betty delivering him Chic, who, like Charles, may or may not be dead. After Archie tells Betty it’s Jughead’s birthday, Betty plans a surprise outing for her beau, even though he traditionally spends the day watching a double feature at The Bijou. When she calls FP to invite him out, FP reveals Jughead has never had a birthday party and hates surprises. Clearly not getting all the messages, Betty organizes a surprise “inner circle only” birthday party for Jughead and somehow finds the time to buy a gray sweater featuring a yellow crown on the front.

They took turns watching the bird until it became strong enough to fly. All Betty sees is the darkness, but Archie sees someone who has been fighting non-stop despite everything that’s happened to her. Betty tells Archie that she loves him too, and they share a kiss. Once when she had a sprained ankle, Veronica told both Archie and Jughead to visit her. The four of them were having dinner together when people from the school mistook Jughead as Betty’s boyfriend because he was carrying chocolates to her house. Jughead appears to care more about Betty than other girls and there have been hints of a potential romantic relationship between them.

What is real is that in their town of horror, she and Jughead found each other. While everyone strays, Cheryl warns Betty against taking it too far. Betty and Archie arrive at Mr. Svenson’s house, but no one is home. After failing to make contact with Mr. Svenson, Betty returns home, where she finds a gift in her room, only it is a severed finger.

Fans of the show rejoiced when Alice and FP finally got together in a steamy scene. They have been through so much, so it’s the perfect turnout. No fan could contain their excitement when Cheryl was finally with Tony, and the scene where the guys rescue her from Sister of the Quiet Mercy was a tear-jerker. Fans wondered if it was like his girlfriend meeting the parents’ situation, but it was just an invitation to a close friend. Archie Andrews appeared in Archie’s Weird Mysteries, voiced by Andrew Rannells. This version is a reporter for the local school newspaper.

Between learning secrets about her family and trying to figure out the Black Hood’s identity, the kiss comes at an emotional time for Betty. The couple fought and disagreed about almost everything, broke up several times, and ended up living together because of their parents. It’s hard to remember that they were only sixteen Kinkyswipe years old when they started dating. Betty and Jughead walk home holding hands, but he doesn’t know how to define their relationship. That doesn’t bother Betty and the two kiss before she heads into her home. Later, Archie, Jughead, and his dad, FP Jones, are at a diner and FP asks if Betty is Jughead’s girlfriend.

Jughead seems concerned when Betty says she has a “date” with someone else.

Many people criticize them for getting physical all the time, but then again, they’re teenagers, they’re hormonal, and they are very much in love with each other. Throw the first stone if you’ve never got handsy with your significant other every time you got a chance! However, as true as this is, no one can point a finger at Varchie when it comes to healthy communication. Even more so than Betty and Jughead, these two actually talk about their feelings, plans, and problems. And communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, so kudos to the pair for being able to express themselves in the midst of all the craziness that are their lives.

When Veronica Lodge moved to Riverdale, however, he switched his attention to her, making Betty both angry and jealous. Archie’s paternal grandfather, Andy Andrews, immigrated to the United States from Scotland and befriended Moose Mason’s Russian ancestor, who had emigrated at the same time. Archie has been depicted wearing the traditional kilt of his ancestors and playing bagpipes .