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Pros And Cons To Dating A Gemini Man 10 Tips You Should Know

Not to worry too much, though, once the planet is no longer retrograde, your Gemini Man will go right back the way he was before the astrological event. Gemini’s influence is the planet Mercury, the planet of communication so named after the god Mercury . He is the messenger of the gods and the deity ruling over communications of all kinds. In Art History and Philosophy but she has been studying astrology for over 10 years now. She has experience with astrology, tarot and other forms of divination. She works with clients to help them understand the value of astrology and what it can bring into their daily lives.

You can easily spot a Gemini man if you just take a quick peek around a social gathering. Despite having a reputation for being two-faced, the reality is he’s just indecisive and often inconsistent due to those strong emotions. But at the end of the day, what you see is what you get. He’s incredibly open and honest and can hardly hide what he’s thinking or feeling. Let’s take a look at a Gemini man’s 7 personality traits and characteristics that will help you know exactly who you are dealing with.

He’s Afraid of Intimacy

Since these men love to socialize and conversate, they love taking their dates out to museums, breweries, parties, and events. It will take a lot to keep up with his changing moods and avoid a breakup. You’ll have to adapt to the situation as fast as he does. But it’s never a dull moment in this relationship, so if it’s the excitement you want, you’ll find it with him. Perhaps, you have to take your time before dating a guy and understand what he is really up to in your life. Being someone who is easily bored does not necessarily mean that he will need constant physical stimulation.

This will guarantee that the dating game kicks off on a positive note and perhaps you would increase your chances of winning them over. Sexting and reading erotic novels can help to turn on a Gemini woman. If you’re into trying new things in bed every once in a while, but not all of the time, then a Gemini man is perfect for you. If they want to stay together, they will both need to make a conscious decision to do so and find ways to keep things interesting and exciting.

Normally Gemini Guy and you will Cancer tumors Woman function a good dating?

Once either of them gets bored, this can be the death of their relationship. They are very good multitaskers and are one of the few signs for whom this is not too much of a distraction. On the other hand, they will talk a lot with their children and will provide them with a lot of educational materials.

He believes in unadulterated freedom with no obligations or self restraint. It is his relentless charm and love for life that initially attracts his lover or partner. The duality in their personas or “The Twin” symbol can be reflected in their energetic and impatient nature combined with a shy, relaxed and reserved personality. They are optimistic by nature most of the times and the betterment of society or humanity as a whole is also their cause for concern.

Therefore, you have to be extra strategic when dating a Gemini man. You’ll have to plan more ambitious or interesting dates to keep his attention and show him that you’re the one he’s meant to be with. If he thinks that you’re not going to deliver, he’ll back out of a relationship and try to find something else.

Best Birthday Gifts for a Gemini Man

That’s not to say that Geminis can’t mate for the long haul. However, they have a deep need for newness, socializing, and excitement in all aspects of life—relationships included. For the sign of the twins, relationships and love need to be exciting, stimulating, and constantly fresh.

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It combining, ergo, draws each other even more out of fascination than just seduction. House is most in which her cardiovascular system is and you may where she seems more comfortable about by herself than the woman is. A Gemini ascendant native likes to have a systematic and well organized home. They can also be harshly critical to their family members if they do not act or live in accordance to their level or standards. These individuals tend to be more intellectually critical of their family members as they grow old. His partners may end up felling insecure or jealous as he has many admirers around him.

Very romantic

If you are dating a Gemini man, it might have been because you have been victimized by his charm. There’s no denying that a Gemini man is really good-looking. He knows how to converse with people, and just oozes off this attractiveness out of him.

The native woman here does not believe in early marriage and goes through various experiences in different relationships. Her sense of privacy and freedom is important to her and she will eventually marry later in life taking good care of her husband and children. She can be an interesting mother and educate them well. A Gemini ascendant man is not bothered about who is the dominant partner in the relationship and they are more interested in the games of seduction. Hence their women will have a difficult time trusting them as they believe that a Gemini ascendant man will cheat on them or will not be loyal to them as a husband. His lover or wife will have a difficult time comprehending life from his point of view.

Bearing in mind that Gemini is ruled over by the planet of communication, the best career fields for them would be those that entail a lot of communication. This might sound funny but a Gemini would do a good job in preaching to people. First, you got to understand that they are talkative.

Geminis are usually very tight with their friends and might even choose to hang out with their friends over their family. They value loyalty and understand deeply and are always happy to celebrate the same. Being communicative is one of the key characteristics of a Gemini.