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Only serves HIV singles; does not serve singles with other STDs. When logging in, the app doesn’t ask for any personal information. Just your location and your sexual orientation are required.

HIV.Dating – The HIV Dating Site

Our strict privacy policy will make sure that your personal information are private and anonymous. HIV is a sensitive topic and we are aware of that. We are a reliable dating site for people with HIV. Keep your information secure at all times until you are ready to share.

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They have filters and a variety of tools you can use to fully customize your dating process in a meaningful manner. HIV Dating Online has never been easier! All you need is a valid email address. Sign Up For Free – Create A Profile – Chat With Other HIV Positive People …

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If you haven’t already, make sure to talk to your doctor before having sex. Based on your symptoms and lifestyle, they’ll advise you on the right treatment and how to keep your partner safe. Whether you were recently diagnosed or found out years ago, it’s important to stay educated on your STD. This is especially true considering how often information changes around this topic.

Ultimately, you can rest assured that the platform takes your privacy extremely seriously. All of the users’ Check it out personal information remains private until they want to share it. This is extremely empowering.

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Our unique dating site is uniquely designed for people with HIV and AIDs. We eliminate the fear of approaching a potential partner due to your illness. Every member you connect with is a survivor of AIDs or HIV, which means your illness is no longer a factor. You can forget about the discomfort of having a conversation about your illness and get on with what matters most—living a fulfilling personal life! Our membership site is free to use. You can easily browse, filter, and find people you want to connect with all with our easy-to-use site.

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This HIV dating app is useful for those who are HIV-positive and want to date. Having HIV is not something to be embarrassed about. You can receive matches with other singles in your region safely.